First blog post

  • This is about women who took a stand against state-sanctioned violence during World War One and spoke out for peace and freedom.
  • This is about many courageous individuals, mostly white women, who joined together to work for peace, freedom and social justice.
  • During the time of war, they formed firstly the Women’s Peace Army, and others formed the Sisterhood of International Peace; some were also involved in the Australian Peace Alliance, and they were affiliated with the International Women’s Congress for Permanent Peace. After the war they became a branch of Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom [WILPF] in Queensland.
  • Most of these women were ‘absolute’ pacifists opposing violence and war in all its varieties. Many of them had a long term involvement in the 19th century women’s movement and previously worked on the campaign for votes for women.
  • These women were concerned about human rights and the levels of state surveillance during the times of war. Queensland became the centre of the opposition to conscription to military service in Australia, and at the time of the two referenda, many of these women campaigned against compulsory military service.

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